Pinzgauer Stud Cattle

Our goal is to breed cattle that produce GREAT GENETICS and turn an investment from strength to strength. That’s why, out of 26 breeds available in SA, Bosheuvel decided on the Pinzgauer Breed.

The Pinzgauer is generally placid and easily recognized by its auburn chestnut colour with typical white stripe lengthwise along the whole back. The weight of the cows range from 450kg to 600kg with an average height of 137cm. Bull weight ranges from 900kg to 1,100 kg with a bull height 147cm on average. Even though the Pinzgauer is a dual breed, here in SA it is mainly bred for Beef. Pinzgauers are highly Fertile; the heifers mature and calf early. When it comes to male fertility, the Pinzgauers possess the two most important qualities in a breeding bull: high sperm count and libido. Pinzgauers are known for their longevity. The cows can breed up to 15 years of age.  Consider the worth of your investment when your heard can grow from a single young female at 30 months which can calf up to 18 years of age.

Pinzgauer Pricelist

  • R15 500 - Dry heifers at +/- 18 months of age
  • R18 500 - Pregnant Heifer
  • R19 000 - Cow +/- 4 years of age
  • R21 000 - Pregnant Cow +/- 4years of age
  • R1 000 - Bull cover charge with heifer
  • R1 000 - Bull charge with Cow
  • R30 000 - Stud Bull for commercial herds
  • R45 000 - Stud bull for Stud farming
  • R600 000 - Karl


Monthly rental for hosting animal - Paid Bi-Annually

  • Bulls R270/month
  • Cows R266/month
  • Calves R85/month    


  • +/- R475 - Round bales (1.2m x 1.2m) subject to change
  • R30 p/day - Intensive feeding -Extra food supplement for Fattening bulls/cows


Invest in Pinzgauer Cattle.

As a potential investment owning a herd of cattle is a viable option.  If you consider the cost as follows:

  1. A female of breeding age     R15 500
  2. Bull cover charge     R1000
  3. R3192 per annum per cow for feed and maintenance

Consider that each year that cow can have one calf in 5 years your heard from that one cow can be 6 large.  So an investment of R19 192 can amount to R108 000 theoretically.  There are then other options to consider such as showing if your progeny has good structure.

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