Pinzgauer Stud Cattle

Our goal is to breed cattle that produce GREAT GENETICS and turn an investment from strength to strength. That’s why, out of 26 breeds available in SA, Bosheuvel decided on the Pinzgauer Breed.

The Pinzgauer is generally placid and easily recognized by its auburn chestnut colour with typical white stripe lengthwise along the whole back. The weight of the cows range from 450kg to 600kg with an average height of 137cm. Bull weight ranges from 900kg to 1,100 kg with a bull height 147cm on average. Even though the Pinzgauer is a dual breed, here in SA it is mainly bred for Beef. Pinzgauers are highly Fertile; the heifers mature and calf early. When it comes to male fertility, the Pinzgauers possess the two most important qualities in a breeding bull: high sperm count and libido. Pinzgauers are known for their longevity. The cows can breed up to 15 years of age.  Consider the worth of your investment when your heard can grow from a single young female at 30 months which can calf up to 18 years of age.


Bosheuvel Beer

Bosheuvel introduced its own Craft Beer into The Cattleman’s Kitchen in February 2013.  The Pinzgauer Pilsner, as we lovingly call it, is brewed on the farm and available at our restaurant as well as in kegs for private functions

Our Beer Range includes the following:

Pinzgauer Pilsener, Dark Silence Stout, Ginger Viking, Rose Malt andKaalgat Peach

We are currently working on a range of craft ciders, and have just launched the Basjan Cider named after our precious basset.  We plan on extending the range beyond the dry apple cider named after this loved hound.

500ml Glass: R30.00 available at Cattleman's Kitchen
20litre Keg: R1200.00 with an additional R500.00 deposit on condition of the equipment return.  This is a great idea for a party or a big braai!!
The Bosheuvel Team will also cater for beer events or other large scale beer tent needs.



Bosheuvel Dairy & Cheese

Bosheuvel started with Camembert Cheese, which was a huge success and started a new enterprise on the farm.  We milk approximately 15 Pinzgauer cows each day. Our cheesery produces Boerenkaas; Halloumi and Pecorino to name a few. Our Boerenkaas is aged and only sold when it is at its best. The Halloumi is always fresh and tasty

All Bosheuvel Cheeses are sold in our Bosheuvel Deli and used in the restaurant

Halloumi - R 100.00p/kg
Bosheuvel Boerenkaas - R 120.00p/kg
Pecorino - R 120.00p/kg



We have a small team of qualified Carpentry staff that utilise their skills to manufacture all types of furniture and other wood products. We repair and manufacture Tables, Benches, Shelving, cutting boards, Biltong Choppers and Ottomans with cowhide coverings are built to order.  Special requests are welcome

Product Pricing
R4200 - 6 Seat Wooden Table and benches
R5200 - 8 Seat wooden Table and benches



 Indigenous Tree Nursery

Bosheuvel propagates and plants a number of plants on our farm every year. Our tree of choice is the Acacia Galpinii or Monkey Thorn Tree.(Apies Doring) The seeds fall naturally from the trees around the farm and start to germinate around August and September. We harvest the germinated seeds and plant them in bags which grow for another year and a half before being planted permanently or are sold from Bosheuvel directly

Tree length 1.25m: R200
Tree length 2m:     R450
Tree length 3m:     R750

Organic Mix Compost & Kraalmis

This is probably the most important part of our self-sustainable and organic farming growth.
It contains all the spoils from the cow kraals, pig stys, organic waste, grass cuttings, saw dust etc.
We apply the “Albrecht” principles of compost production. 60% is utilised back on the farm and the rest is sold to the public. The site has a capacity of 4000 m³ a year. It is also used as Lawn Dressing.

Please note that all prices are VAT exclusive and prices are subject to change without prior notice

Cow Hides

Please note that all prices are VAT exclusive and prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Hide Price depended on size - +/-R3000-00
•    Subject to availability

Instant Lawn

Please note that all prices are VAT exclusive and prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Kikuyu (garden turf) is sold per square meter.
Delivery’s only for sales of min 60 square meters and within a 30km radius.

  1. R12p/m² - Collected at farm (m²)
  2. R17p/m² - Delivered from farm (m²)    (+/- 30km radius)
  3. R23p/m² - Delivered and laid from farm (m²) (+/- 30km radius)

Russian Wild Rye

Extremely beneficial for farmers in South Africa. Russian wild rye is suitable for grazing in very dry and warm areas. This evergreen grass type is fast growing and high in protein, and will supply feed for sheep and cattle during the summer and winter months.

Pricing is R10 per bag - +/- 11 stems

Free Range Pigs

Please note that all prices are VAT exclusive and prices are subject to change without prior notice

Costing for Pigs is based on live weights.

R900 - Pigs 20kg-30kg
R1200 - Pigs 30kg-40kg
R1600 - Pigs 40kg-50kg
R1900 - Pigs 50kg-60kg

Please contact Mitch - 082 553 2846

Lle de France Sheep

Please contact Mitch - 082 553 2846


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